brown paper and string


I think I know too much

not… in an arrogant way
but more in a…

     we’ve been down that path before
     we know where it leads
     and that path too
     and the other one

…kind of way

and I think I’d like to wrap those thoughts
those experiences
     things I was told
     things I learned for myself
wrap them up
in brown paper and string
and leave them all about the place
for others to discover
     like a cross between Alzheimers
     and an Easter egg hunt
placing my unwanted memories here and there
next to park benches
and hot dog stands.

I’ll place you
     the one who hurt me
     the one who wasted much time and emotion
     the one who used to rent a room in my heart
who now lives somewhere in my head
taking up space
I’ll wrap you up and place you somewhere
where you’ll be found
by someone else that deserves you.

so we could be strangers again
and I could bump into you once more
except this time I wouldn’t know why
but I’d get the feeling
that it might be best just to keep on walking

and I’ll get that strange sensation…
as if someone walked over my grave
then just like before
I’ll dismiss it

as nothing more than deja vu.