I’m a little prickle stick
full of tiny prickles
if you kiss my stubble
I’ll give you many tickles

I’m deemed as pricklicious
by my precious prickled peers
come listen to my poetry
and let me pierce your ears

extract me from this habitat
that I may be unique
juxtapose me “a le gay Paris
parce que c’est magnifique!”

my arms are poised above me
I must be an objet d’art
present me to your hothouse
for we must not be apart

refer to me in small talk
“you should really see my cactus”
call me by my latin name
perfect it with much practise

let’s host a gala evening
oh to be a debutant
for I long to flirt outrageously
with anyone I want

alas I’m just a spike of green
with ideas above my station
in this desert I’m deserted
still I dream of sweet salvation