Summer shower

When first I see a thing of beauty
my mind it captures and condenses
reaching deep inside for colours
painting banquets for the senses

finding little more than scraps
not quite the makings of a feast
I set about to place my words
to breathe some life into the beast

between the petals of the flowers
amidst the landscape on the ground
upon the chorus of the dawn
I place them right within the sound

and all those captivated scents
I give once more unto the breeze
for I am bound by my intent
to re-imagine them with ease

So yesterday a random rainbow
got caught beneath a summer shower
then bled it´s radiance of colour
into the heart of every flower

for my white roses were resplendent
bespokely dressed, all iridescent
no two petals were the same
each one uniquely effervescent

Powder blue and crimson red
cerise pink and apple green
Burnt sienna, peach and purple
a kaleidoscopic dream

And no sooner had it faded
than I began to realise
that once again my heart´s desire
had dreamt it all before my eyes.