Time for it all

Time to write again
time to hang words in the sky again
or to pick them right out of thin air

time for the same words with different meanings
and to say the same things in disguise
time to climb high on the mountain of word
time to get high on that write that you heard
time to go seeking the herd
time for the scene
and time just to yearn to be seen

time to be read and quickly digested
to burn all of the hearts I infested
time to find love just to hide it away
time to play king even just for a day

Time to play dead.
time to put flesh on the bones in my head
time to create men I wish would exist
to enhance all the ones I despise (with a fist)
time to learn and time to explore
to feast and indulge just a little bit more

time for the least
time for the most
time for more landscapes
               and streetscapes
               and dreamscapes
               and grilled grated cheese on toast

time for the greatest escapes and diversions
the most unforgivable grammatical perverions
time to break up the rhythm and flow!
(and time just for knowing the time to let go)

time for versions of similar things
time in the shower………to sing
time to be naked like nature intended
time to be buckled, strapped, booted and dressed
(like a victim the fashion police just apprehended)

time to shine light on a shortcoming
time to fall short of the mark
time just to shine like a diamond
time to take time to wedge in a rhyme
(and time to lay still in the dark)

time to steal what I covet and then call it my own
time to enjoy life living alone
time to paint lips with my ink and then kiss them
time to send lovers away and then miss them
time for new explorations
in unexplored pockets of prior locations

time for new chat with old friends
chewing the fat and making amends
time for healing and mending
time for beginnings
and time for the ending.