(…a facet of his character
a piece of his perfection
had fallen by the roadside
lost upon a sad reflection…)


I had strayed across his path
into the slipstream of his wake
and as he passed me by
he left a token for my sake

I thought at first it was the rain
but not a cloud hung in the sky
then it dawned on me this droplet
might have fallen from his eye

so I looked behind to see
what must have been a trail of tears
when like a tender judas kiss
the breeze betrayed him to my ears

I heard this weeping broken man
I felt his sad soliloquy
it spoke a tale unto my soul
awoke the deepest part of me

for my heart just like a stallion
kicking wildly in my chest
lay uncaptured and unbroken
aching for another quest

and I wanted to catch up with him
to walk within his stride
to embrace him and release him
be his confidant, his guide

instead I whispered a farewell
dreamed his troubles set alight
prayed his heavy heart be lifted
as he faded from my sight


(…and as he walked along
his sadness seemed to wash away
unaware he´d met a soulmate
on the road that very day…)