Set alight the unspent midnight oil
let the shadows gather ’round and dance
as palms give way to fists

I’ll await the coming of my muse…

between my temples he revolves
his tongue whispers a razor blade tonight
he tells of fragrant thoughts I’ve yet to dream
of love’s graffiti
awaiting declaration from a can

I think in veins of words unbled
imagine painted wings
unfurled beneath the sun
such spectacles unborn
a mind unquietened once more

while deep beneath the waves
where follies hide
a clock tower tolls in the squall
heralding the tempest
enchanting the solitary sailors
their stained glass eyes
belying melancholy chambers
where hearts beat still
like undiscovered treasure
in old forgotten chests
echoing their symphonies
of unimagined notions
in search of serendipity
on love’s uncharted oceans.