“Live, Love, Laugh”

The Spirit sings so beautifully through the world
the light must dance, dance on every leaf and wave,
red roof tile and edge, as if to draw the music,
outline solid shapes, brush them in with color.

I take my cue from them to sing
I love you, husband, partner, friend–
paint joy upon your hand,
dance the smile you offer me,
dance each shining second we have had.

Still the music rushes on,
a torrent tumbling to the sea,
is gathered up to ride the wind,
chansons to fill infinity.

We, the heirs of Spirit light,
not death nor illness stops
our mouths from joining in the song,
nor feet from leaping through the air.

We were born to mirror this,
reflect it back to witness’ eyes
full-fill our elder days with laughter.