Perfect Day

With a lover’s hand,
the wind strokes the hill’s glossy green flank.
She glows in response,
“I love you.”

The shimmering reeds swoon
under ardent caress of sun and wind,
“Water, wind, sun, earth and air,
I love you.”

The sunflowers tilt back their heads to say,
“I love you;”
the sycamore sings the same.
The cornstalks in precise military formation chorus,
“We, too.”

Flocking above the fields of flowers,
the newborn monarchs setting sail,
astonished, cry, “I love you.”

The pond, alive with every shade of leaf and fin and wing,
opens her arms to the sky, “See how beautiful you are.”
The poplars cast their shade over somnolent cows who mumble,

Sheep drift like cloud shadows across the meadow,
munching their agreement,
“Amen, amen.”

The sun slips lower now,
as I find refuge in your arms
and add my voice
to the chant of millions,
“Good night, good night,
I love you.”